Boehringer Ingelheim

'Value through innovation' 

A Vision to drive culture and image communications, since 1994



Vision-driven communications

Boehringer Ingelheim is a world-leading ethical pharmaceutical company. It is family-owned and its independence is core to its culture. Claudius accompanied Boehringer in a great variety of culture-focused communication tasks, developing and deploying its vision in 1994.

Claudius contributed to vision and principles, translated into an evolving story, look and feel, event items, staging and production.

Me/We was the messenger - iconic embodyment of BI's vision and underlying purpose, creating 'more health'. The human-centric look and feel personifies Boehringer's success with Lead&Learn (until 2017) having been the principle engine to guide and inspire all to create 'Value through Innovation' together.

In 2015, BI celebrated 20 years of its Vision - VTI in short, and its impact on the 'Winning spirit' of the organisation amongst leadership and all employees. We helped create a blueprint for a series of events and workshops including creative stimulus, activated worldwide to allow employees to publish personal memories of the company's 'Winning moments' since introduction of 'Value through Innovation'.

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Claudius has been helping us craft our culture for 20 years, beginning with the introduction of ‘Value through Innovation’.
— Philipp Baum, Head of Corporate Communications, Boehringer Ingelheim