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Our Focus 

Culture-focused internal communications



Change with confidence

How to engage and inspire a global organisation when many are feeling washed out by waves of internal change programmes and relentless efficiency drives?

In 2016, Boehringer Ingelheim set in motion fundamental shifts in strategy and structure across its global organisation. A new leadership team had set sight onto ambitious growth targets in revenue and profitability. To galvanise everyone across the company, Closer was asked to help brand this as a new departure; consolidating and concentrating previous planks of strategy, vision culture and image objectives, adding dynamic new drivers. Named 'Our Focus', we helped develop branded communications to announce the new destination. 

Working with a senior Steering Group, we developed a launch and communications plan, the overall concept that helped create the campaign, introducing a host of activities as well as installing checks and balances in order to reach set targets. The content of which supported the development of leadership speech modules and a workshop framework to roll out 'Our Focus' in a delegated format.

To allow everyone to see the world in first person perspective, to imply responsibility and ability for all individuals to affect change, we created a dynamic, animated ident and logo device using bright colours. It acts as a zoom device, allowing full focus on selected details, consisting of an infinite set of compositions. 

A variety of campaign items helped to highlight core teachings for the organisation, e.g. we designed a hard cover book for all employees worldwide as well as a countdown teaser campaign on the intranet and in the shape of evolving foil decals in the office space. The ident was artworked as a large-scale, free hanging mobile for central reception areas.

A global communications guideline allowed for a consistent use of decals amongst other items, for low cost 'branding' of office breakout areas for employees to meet and exchange ideas.

With the appealing visualisation of the campaign ...

... we have been able to emotionally engage our employees, creating a launch momentum that is designed for long-term impact.
— Philipp Baum, Head of Corporate Communications, Boehringer Ingelheim
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