Holcim Group

Being One  

Brand strategy and promise, vision and values system,
global research, advertising, new look and feel - design and application (including packaging) as well as global and
sub-holding brand manuals.




From global portfolio to global brand: following significant acquisations of national champions in the building materials sector, a fragmented group of businesses finds cohesion in a focused set of global values, a brand promise and tagline, connecting a traditional, corporate brand with local customers and consumers also by means of a refreshed and instructive set of brand directives.

This strategy was applied to global sub-brands Geocycle and ACC India in terms of aligned typography and look and feel, most importantly by sharing the same vision, values and tagline 'Strength.Performance.Passion'.

You love building brands, we love building (materials), a perfect partnership.
— Christian Birck, Head of Marketing and Strategy at Holcim, Zürich