Klöckner & Co


Corporate identity, vision, global launch

Led by Claudius at Wolff Olins

From metal production to steel distribution


This project was about transition and transformation, repositioning a traditional leader from underperforming German steel conglomerate to embracing multi-metal distribution service. This shift was signalled by an ambitious new vision and value system as well as a symbolism of a dog fetching a red ball. All this was launched by the board to leadership in London, including employees and partners worldwide by live broadcast.

Klöckner today is one of the largest producer-independant distributors of steel and metal products and one of the leading steel service-centre companies worldwide. 

Klöckner was one of the old heavies in steel, inspired by our consultants’ business creativity, we embraced the opportunity to become a modern service leader.
— Dr. Heimo Prokop, VP Corporate Communications, Klöckner & Co. Duisburg