Identity inspires innovation

Innovation process and culture initiative, naming, website structure and website launch design



A culture of innovation

CloserLondon has worked with Lufthansa Group to create the concept and communications for the Innovation Forum 2015. Our work gave background and stage to winning innovations of the year and announced the rolling out of the new idea and innovation web portal named 'Our innovation universe'.

Working with the Q-Market web engine platform, we created the name, the iconography and look, feel and structure of 'Our innovation universe', home to 118,000 employees, to get involved in creating the future of Lufthansa Group across all divisions and activities.

It is built on three interconnected spheres, offering content and interactivity in sections: our inspirations, my ideas and our innovations. 

Once launched across the Group, it will allow individuals to upload and share trends and ideas, they come across at work and on the go.

'Make innovation visible' is a call to action, to inspire people to get involved and fill the universe with stars. The asterisk logo symbolises individual innovation, creating new constellations.

Closer thinks that identity inspires innovation, so do I.
— Doris Krüger, Head of Innovation at Lufthansa Group, Frankfurt