formerly Generale des Eaux, recently renamed Engie

Oxident to Orient

Brand strategy, naming (group and portfolio), brand logo, look and feel
and launch

Led by Claudius at Wolff Olins




Recently reincarnated as Engi, the largest utility group worldwide.
As principal advisor, Claudius led the bold 'Suez-Lyonnaise des Eaux' rebrand with Gérard Mestrallet as CEO and Chariman. The task was to enable globalisation, connecting a diversified, complex conglomerate by creating a branded core portfolio. The brand translates the strategy 'delivering the essentials for life' for customers, communities and consumers world-wide. The 'East meets West' type gives it a universal feel that is also highly distinctive. The roundness of the characters provides a human and emotional content and their elegance reminds us of the Group's vocation as a service provider. Its iconic identity was launched in March 2001. Ever since then, the company is setting the benchmark in the global utility services sector.

Now we are in business for the world.
— Gerard Mestrallet, CEO, Paris