Closer team



Claudius König


Claudius is founder of CloserLondon and has worked with many global organisations (see credentials in ‘Work’). He offers deep international knowledge & experience in ‘change by brand’ projects. 

His focus is on inventing and re-inventing companies and markets, identifying opportunities, creating solutions and galvanizing teams into action for the best possible results. He is known as an optimist with a business analytical as well as creative mind. 



Anja Hartmann


Anja has over 20 years of brand and communications experience, having developed, managed and delivered many complex, global brand and engagement programmes around the world with main focus on mergers and conglomerates. 

She has also developed naming best practice and led many significant naming projects over the years. Anja is German, based in London and speaks German, English and Spanish.



Frank Schröder


Frank is a senior creative and long-term Partner of CloserLondon. His passion and experience are to put detail and directness back into branding. 

German-born Frank trained in Switzerland at the Basle School of Design, graduating with a diploma in 1987.



James von Leyden


With 31 years of experience as a copywriter, James has wide experience of most media and types of communication, from TV, radio, press and online to brand guidelines and directors’ speeches. 

James is quick at concentrating core messages into succinct communication.



Stephen Kirk


Stephen is a creative catalyst, with over twenty five years of experience. He promotes a culture of innovation to accelerate positive change and sustainable business performance within progressive and ambitious organisations. 

He excels in visual thinking, idea exploration and creative direction designed to inspire new and original brand strategies and identity programmes.



Anne Prib


Anne turns information into insights, inspiring brands, innovation and businesses. Claudius and Anne have been working together to turn complex into creative concepts since 2002. 

Anne gained a degree in Social and Business Communications at the University of Arts in Berlin.



Dan Mackie


Dan is an award-winning creative technology director, producer and consultant with skills and experience covering a range of disciplines within a digital context. 

With a focus on creativity through the innovative use of technologies, he oversees digital product and business strategies. This work being underpinned by the study and use of technology as a disruptor in industry, society and economies.



Esther Compostella


Esther has longstanding experience in brand and communications, working as Project Director with many global organisations. She has diverse and international industry experience.

She has successfully developed, lead and delivered complex brand development, multichannel communications and internal engagement programmes. She has built up a reputation of operationalising brands and delivering results