We look for the insights that give a brand critical mass and translate them into creative work that cuts through, changes perceptions and motivates its audience.

We also work efficiently. Our business model enables us to plan and cost projects carefully, putting forward the appropriate team or resource at every stage.





Lufthansa Group - ‘Makers of Tomorrow’ internal talent search campaign 2018

A daring concept resulting in virals, social media, memes, microsite, merchandise and analog material

A global call for new recruits for Lufthansa’s service center Lufthansa InTouch

Be-Lufthansa - ProTeam website update

Boehringer Ingelheim - Introducing the new Leitbild ‘Our Focus’

Employer branding campaign at Lufthansa Systems/Lufthansa Industry Solutions

Annual Innovation Forum at Lufthansa Group



Boehringer Ingelheim


Boehringer Ingelheim